How To Protect Your Employees' Health

To help you improve the safety of your workplace, we’ve created the below Healthier Workplaces guidance documents to provide specific and easy-to-follow recommendations for addressing ongoing employee health risks. The guidance was created with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice and resources from other leading health, government, and business organizations.

Healthier Workplaces: At-Home Service Providers

At-Home Service Providers

Explore the health and safety risks that at-home service providers face, including proven ways to protect their wellbeing.

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Healthier Workplaces: Business Services

Business Services (Banks, Notaries, Title Companies, etc.)

Learn how to protect business services employees and customers in small or tightly packed spaces.

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Healthier Workplaces: General Office Settings

General Office Settings

Find out how to safely conduct business in a general office setting, including ventilation and disinfection protocols.

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Healthier Workplaces: Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations

Protect your healthcare personnel and patients, with specific guidance for dental offices and laboratories.

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Healthier Workplaces: Large Venues

Large Venues

Learn about the health and safety risks at large venues, with guidance for museums, sports venues, and religious gathering spaces.

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Healthier Workplaces: Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Defend against common manufacturing and supply chain health risks, with guidance for repair shops and warehouse environments.

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Healthier Workplaces: Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

Learn proven ways to protect outdoor recreation teams and visitors against illnesses and safety risks.

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Healthier Workplaces: Small Business

Small Business

Understand the ongoing health risks that small business employees and customers face, with expert guidance to improve their safety.

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Healthier Workplaces: Transit Systems (Buses, Subways, and Light Rails)

Transit Systems (Buses, Subways, and Light Rails)

Protect transit system customers and staff on buses, subways, and light rails using our Healthier Workplaces guidance document.

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