How Owners of Large Venues Can Protect Their Workers From Health Risks

Working in or attending events at a large venue will always carry a potential health and safety risk given the large number of people that attend gatherings, meetings, and events.

Employers at large venues such as sports and entertainment venues, worship and religious gathering spaces, and museums and collecting institutions must take precautions to protect their employees and customers or visitors. Viruses or illnesses can quickly spread amongst crowds, which can lead to staffing shortages and negative brand attention if your venue is the source of a notable outbreak.

Protecting Against Ongoing Health Risks in Large Venues

Our Healthier Workplaces guidance documents offer practical advice for how employers can improve the safety of their large venue and limit the spread of ongoing health risks like COVID-19 and other viruses or illnesses. The guidance borrows from the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice and expert counsel from other leading health and government organizations.

In the below "Resources By Type" under "Support Documents," you will find four Healthier Workplaces documents relevant for large venue employers:

Each of these documents provides clear strategies to reduce health risks at large venues, including guidance on:

  • Ways to properly ventilate your building

  • Cleaning and disinfecting practices for large venues, including in high-traffic areas like restrooms

  • Personal protective equipment recommendations for employees at large venues

  • Ways to mitigate risks when interacting with a large scale of customers or visitors each day

  • What to do if an employee or customer displays symptoms of COVID-19

  • Employee communication and training strategies to protect their health

Additional Safety Resources For Large Venue Employers

To access more help and resources to understand and avoid the ongoing health risks at large venues, we recommend you explore the following resources and networks.