Workplace Health and Safety Resources

Employers and employees each have a personal responsibility to protect their health at work, especially given emerging infectious diseases and ongoing health risks. Although there are proven ways to overcome these challenges, the considerations vary greatly by industry and job role.

In the below resource hubs, you’ll find guidance documents and expert resources to help you overcome the health risks unique to your workplace, including guidance for employers in healthcare, large venues, manufacturing, and small business, and employees in construction, food service, retail, and education. In addition, value-added services provided by OEHS experts working in the insurance industry are outlined, including prevention strategies to reduce risk and improve worker health and safety across all industries.

Visit the appropriate hub below to get started and learn how to protect yourself, your coworkers, and your customers or clients at work.


Thermal (Heat) Stress

NEW Thermal (Heat) Stress

Whether you work outdoors in agriculture or construction and face extreme heat for months on end or are a first responder who wears heavy gear to protect yourself from hazards such as fires, you are among the millions of workers who are at risk of heat stress on the job.

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