How To Protect Yourself From Health Risks In Educational Environments

Educational institutions are a pillar of our communities, empowering children, teens, and adults alike to learn core life concepts and expand their knowledge.

Because of the diverse array of students and faculty at schools, colleges, and similar educational environments, these settings pose ongoing health and safety risks like COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. For example, classrooms often rely on shared seating and high-touch surfaces like door handles, and crowded rooms with poor ventilation can quickly present health risks for students and staff.

Educators and students should take precautions to protect themselves against the inherent risks associated with these environments, with unique considerations for childcare centers, K-12 schools and colleges, libraries, and museums and collecting institutions.

We've created resource hubs to help workers, students, and concerned parents across these environments. Each link provides specific and easy-to-follow recommendations for protecting your or your child’s health, including guidance documents, news sources, and websites where you can obtain ongoing help and science-based strategies.