How Small Business Workers and Customers Can Protect Themselves From Health Risks

Small businesses and mom-and-pop shops are the heart of many cities, helping to connect neighbors and support the growth of local communities.

These vital companies can be the most vulnerable to significant setbacks due to ongoing health and safety risks like COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. For example, suppose small business employees continually get sick. In that scenario, the company can face considerable challenges in staying open, or a staffing shortage could damage its reputation if customers receive poor service.

All workers and managers at small businesses must protect their customers and fellow staff against the inherent risks associated with their work, with unique considerations for at-home service providers, bars and restaurants, business services, retail stores, and small lodging establishments.

To help workers and customers across these environments, we’ve created the below resource hubs. Each link provides specific and easy-to-follow recommendations for protecting your health at work, including guidance documents, news sources, and websites you can use to obtain ongoing help and science-based strategies.