How Manufacturing Industry Workers and Customers Can Protect Themselves From Health Risks

Manufacturing industry workers face unique challenges in navigating ongoing health risks due to close-contact services, the frequent use of shared tools, and potentially air-sealed or confined working spaces. If employees become exposed to a virus or illness like COVID-19, it could cause significant disruption to the supply chain or completion of customer services.

Employers, managers, and employees in the manufacturing industry—including warehouse and logistics companies and small manufacturing, repair, and maintenance shops—must protect themselves against the ongoing health risks associated with their work environment. Meanwhile, customers can also take precautions to limit the spread of illness.

Protecting Against Ongoing Health Risks in Manufacturing Settings

Our Healthier Workplaces guidance documents offer practical advice for how teams can improve their workplace safety and limit the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The guidance borrows from the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice and expert counsel from leading health, government, and manufacturing industry organizations.

In the below “Resources By Type” under “Support Documents,” you will find two Healthier Workplaces documents relevant to the manufacturing industry:

Each of these documents offers clear strategies to reduce health risks for employees and their customers, including guidance on:

  • Ventilation best practices for repair shops and manufacturing companies

  • Recommended personal protective equipment for manufacturing and repair shop workers and customers

  • Ways to enable physical distancing in places, including your point of sale and employee workstations

  • Employee training and educational resources to help them improve their workplace safety

Additional Safety Resources For Manufacturing Employers

To access more help and resources to understand and avoid the ongoing health risks of manufacturing and supply chain work, we recommend you explore the following resources and networks.