How Employees Can Protect Themselves From Workplace Health and Safety Risks

Employees across all industries face evolving health and safety risks when conducting work, including ongoing and emerging infectious viruses, workplace hazards, and emergency situations.

Employers and employees have a responsibility to take precautions to protect their health and well-being and that of their colleagues, clients, and customers at work. But it can be challenging to understand the best ways to reduce one’s risks when interacting with a high volume of customers each day or working in close contact with other employees.

To help workers across industries—including construction crews, restaurant and bar staff, retail store employees, and K-12 and higher education staff and faculty—improve their safety, we’ve created the below resource hubs. Each link will provide you with specific and easy-to-follow recommendations for protecting your health at work, including resource documents, news sources, and networks where you can access ongoing help and science-based strategies.

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Other Resources
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Do you work in an industry not included above? Visit our full selection of employee guidelines here, including resources for hair and nail salons workers, rideshare drivers, and more.