How to Avoid The Dangers of Mold

Leading health authorities agree that living or working in a building with mold damage increases your risk of developing respiratory disease. Yet there are no accepted national or international standards for mold investigation, evaluation, or remediation.

Given the many complexities surrounding mold and that each person’s response to mold is unique, people often fail to recognize the signs of a potential mold issue and how indoor air quality issues can promote mold growth. Mold can grow anywhere with adequate moisture, meaning high humidity or flooding can increase your risk.

Mold Safety Resources

The following resources are meant to help you understand the risks of mold exposure, how to know if you have a mold problem, and proven ways to stop mold growth, based on experience by AIHA volunteers and existing mold safety information.

While not exhaustive, this information is best used in conjunction with other guidance documents and professional judgment by qualified consultants and public health officials.