When most people hear the word ‘mold’, they think of of smelly, green and black growth that can cause serious respiratory issues. It is often found in a home after an intrusive water event, such as a flood or a severe rainstorm. The reality is that every home has mold, and it is only a concern if there are moist building materials, and you notice visible mold growth and can smell it.

What can you do?

AIHA has resources that can help you understand the risks of mold exposure, how to know if you have a mold problem, and proven ways to stop mold growth.

Are you an AIHA member?

As an experienced OEHS professional, you know firsthand that working or attending school in a building with mold and water damaged building materials results in an increased risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma. Your expertise in combating and preventing mold can help guide employers and homeowners alike in addressing this potential hidden health hazard, especially following a natural disaster such as a hurricane. Comprehensive mold prevention and mitigation tools that you can share can be accessed here: AIHA Mold Resource Center.