Each year, governors, mayors, county executives and other officials sign proclamations, official statements, and letters of recognition that help organizations educate and amplify their causes.

To launch AIHA’s initiative, you may wish to email your local, State, or Federal government officials to request they recognize September as “Worker Health & Safety Month” by issuing a proclamation. A model proclamation is below. You can also download this template as a customizable Word document here.

Upload a PDF of proclamations you receive using this form. If available, please include a photo from the signing ceremony. The proclamation and photo will be uploaded to our website.

The contact information for your local officials can be found here. The contact information for your State and Federal officials can be found under “Find Officials” at aiha.org/advocacy.

Worker Health & Safety Month – September 2023

WHEREAS, our [City / State] acknowledges that our growth, prosperity, and quality of life significantly depend on the safety and health standards upheld in our workplaces and community environments;

WHEREAS, our confidence in the protection and resilience of these work environments and community settings is nurtured by the dedicated efforts of hidden heroes — industrial hygienists, health and safety officials, and allied professionals — who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the well-being of all;

WHEREAS, these dedicated guardians are committed members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), a nonprofit that unites local, state, and federal health and safety professionals across the public and private sectors who are experts in workplace and community occupational and environmental health and safety, advocating for and implementing the highest-quality health and safety standards;

WHEREAS, their endeavors include safeguards to shield the public from occupational hazards such as chemical exposures, biological threats, ergonomic stressors, noise, and radiation, as well as community-related health issues, such as heat and natural disasters;

WHEREAS, Worker Health and Safety Month, sponsored by the AIHA, serves to remind the public about the critical role of our communities’ largely unseen heroes of public and workplace health and safety — our industrial hygienists and health and safety professionals — who ensure the wellbeing of our workforce and the public, contributing significantly to our overall prosperity;

WHEREAS, Worker Health and Safety Month 2023, urges us all to raise awareness about planning for safe and healthy workplaces and communities, understanding hazard mitigation, advocating for occupational health and safety, and acknowledging the essential contributions of industrial hygiene professionals for the benefit of all;

WHEREAS, each year, in observance of Worker Health and Safety Month, individuals worldwide are encouraged to reflect on the commitment to enhance workplace and community health and safety, and to recognize the vital service provided by industrial hygienists, local and state health departments, and federal agencies in safeguarding the health and safety of all;

NOW, THEREFORE, I [OFFICIAL’S NAME AND TITLE], do hereby proclaim the month of September 2023 as Worker Health and Safety Month. Accordingly, I encourage our citizens to join us in participating in Worker Health and Safety Month activities, recognizing the fundamental role these health and safety professionals play in preserving and enhancing our community’s well-being.